Types of Appointments

Appointments | Appointment Types


If you need to see a Doctor urgently** on the day then please phone up or come in and book an emergency appointment. These are run everyday and are only bookable on the day. This means if you phone in the morning, you will be seen that morning. If you phone in the afternoon, you will be seen in the afternoon. Emergency appointments are only 5 minutes long and are for one problem only. If you have multiple problems then please book a routine appointment. The emergency Doctor changes from day-to-day so it is not guaranteed your favourite doctor can see you in an emergency. Should you feel it is a life threatening problem then please phone 999.

**Urgent meaning it is not regarding regular medication, on-going problems.


Routine appointments are bookable at any day or time. We aim to get patients seen within 2 weeks for routine appointments, however, due to Doctors holidays and availability, it is not always possible to see the Doctor of your choice, so please be flexible.

If you have just been seen by the hospital, please note it can take up to 3 weeks for letters to arrive at the surgery, so please check with a receptionist that the letter has arrived before booking an appointment.


On a Monday and Tuesday morning, we have a Nurse Practitioner on duty to deal with minor illnesses. These include; Coughs, Colds, Sore throat, Sick notes, antibiotics, Suspected Urine infections, Chest infections and ear infections. If you require an urgent appointment on either of these days, you will be asked whether it is appropriate for you to see the Nurse Practitioner. Should she feel that your problem is out of her knowledge, she will then refer you on to a Doctor.


If you are unable to get to the surgery during the day, we offer an evening surgery once a week on a Wednesday. This are run in turn by the Doctors on a rota and are only available by a pre-bookable appointment only (i.e. not a walk in or emergency appointment). If you do not work during the day, please reframe from booking these appointments, although we understand that this is not always possible. If you book an evening clinic appointment, please make sure you attend or cancel if you no longer need it as these are very sought after appointments.


Sometimes you may need to just speak to a Dr or Nurse over the phone, rather than come in for an appointment. Should this be what you need, please come in or call the surgery and ask for a telephone consultation with the doctor of your choice. When booking these, please ensure that we have the correct telephone number and that you are able to answer the phone, as we cannot guarantee a time that they will call. Should you need medication that you have had before, please request it as normal (see “prescriptions” page for more details) as the Dr’s & reception staff do not take prescriptions over the phone.


Sometimes you may need to have a minor op done, such as if you have an annoying skin tag to remove. These are done by both Dr Evans on a Tuesday afternoon or Dr Epps on a Wednesday morning. This is also with the nurse who will assist.


Should you need an examination during an appointment or procedure, you are entitled to have a chaperone present to make you feel at ease and ensure the Doctor or Nurse is doing their job correctly. The health care professional should ask you if you would like one before examining you, but do not hesitate to ask for one should you need it. All staff are chaperone trained and are happy to stay with you during your examination.