Sick Notes


Should you need to take time off work due to illness, then your employer may need to hand in a “sick note” for proof of absence.


If you are off work with a short term illness (i.e. colds, chest infections etc.), you should first start off by completing a Self-Certificate sick note. Self-Certificate sick notes cover you for 7 days and are accepted by nearly all employers. This can be collected from the surgery or downloaded and printed off the Gov.UK website here. Should you have any problems with your employer accepting a self-sick note, please contact the surgery.


Should you need a sick note for longer than a week then you must contact the surgery and explain what you need the sick note for and how long for. For these types of sick notes, will need to be seen by a Doctor or Nurse who can assess how long you need it for.

For on-going sick notes, you may just call or pop into the surgery and ask one of the receptionists to get another sick note done for you.

If you are coming out of hospital and require a sick notes, please ask the hospital first for one. They will be able to do one for you. If not, ring the surgery.

Please note, sick notes should not be expected to be done the same day as requested. Sick notes cannot be forward dated, only back dated. However, they can overlap with a previous sick note you have.