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All prescriptions must be requested online, in person, by post or via a chemist. We DO NOT take prescriptions over the phone. This is because mistakes can be made and it takes up time needed by the receptionists.

Prescriptions must be handed in with which items are needed, with a name, date of birth and address on it. Please note if you forget to tick which items you need the receptionists cannot be responsible for the prescription not being processed.

In order to prevent over-stocking, we do not do prescriptions that are due too early. I.e. you cannot order your next prescription when you collect your current one. If your prescription is due, please order at most 7 days before so we have time to do it and process it. Do not leave it until the last minute. If you require a prescription early due to going on holiday, then this can be done before 7 days, but please tell the receptionist why you are ordering early.


Our policy for prescription is that it takes 48 hours to process and have the prescription signed. Should you require an urgent prescription, please hand it in in the morning, tell the receptionist it is urgent and come back after 4pm to collect it. Please note we cannot do your prescription straight away, you will need to come back.

Below is a table of when your prescription will be ready to collect. Please note, if you have your prescriptions sent to a pharmacy, it takes longer for the items to be ready as some things need to be ordered in.  Please, Bank holidays do not count as a working day so it will take an extra day.

Request made on Script ready for collection from Surgery/Pharmacy on:
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday