New Patients Registering


Provided you live within our declared catchment area, you are welcome to register at the Surgery. To check you are within our catchment area, use this tool or visit out “Catchment Area” page. Our surgery is made up of 4 partner GP’s, GP registrars, 2 Nurses, 1 HCA and a Phlebotomist. We also have registrar Doctors with us and locum Doctors (see “our team” page for more info).



To register with the surgery permanently (unless you move), you must first complete a registration form and new patient questionnaire. Registration forms and New patient questionnaires can be collected from the surgery or online listed below. You will need to print them off, fill them in and bring them to the surgery. Both forms must be completed in order to register.

Registration Form

New Patient Questionnaire

New Patient Questionnaire for 0 to 12 years

Please bring this to the surgery with proof of ID in order to be registered. Please note we cannot register patients unless we have your NHS number, this can be obtained from your old surgery or on any letters from the hospital you have (please note, an NHS number is NOT the same as a national insurance number).

You have the right to express preference of a GP. Just ask the receptionist who will be happy to help. It must be pointed out that for various reasons at certain times the preferred GP may not be available and you will be offered another GP.

We offer each newly registered patient the opportunity for a new patient check-up by our Practice Nurse. We also have a practice leaflet which is available to print off below or collect from the surgery to give you all the information you will need about the surgery.

Practice Leaflet


If you are visiting the area and need to see a Doctor urgently, you are welcome to register temporary at the surgery (or any surgery in your area) and be seen by a GP that day. To do this, please fill in this form and bring it with you prior to your appointment. You can also collect it from the surgery. We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes before you appointment time so that we can get you registered on our system.


If you are unable to speak English or find it difficult to communicate, please let the surgery know and we will be able to organise a translator for you. Please ensure you make the appointment or rearrange it if you are unable to come as the translators need to travel to the surgery to be able to help with your consultation.