Medical Records

Medical Records are both computerised and hard copies. Patients can view their medical records post 1991 by arranging an appointment with the surgery by please note that a fee does apply.

If you have been in an accident, or should require you medical records for the hospital or a court case, you must go through a solicitor. They should address it to the Secretary and have written consent from the patient it is regarding. This also comes at a charge to the solicitor.

Please note we are unable to give out any medical records without the consent of the patient it is regarding. If the patient is unable to give consent, then their legal guardian will then make the decision for them.

At the moment, medical records for new patients at the practice are taking 4-8 weeks to arrive at the surgery, so if you are joining the surgery and have an on-going medical condition, try to bring as much information on it as you can for us to scan into your notes (i.e. hospital letters).

For more information, please phone the surgery and ask to speak to the secretary regarding medical records.