The NHS offers different vaccinations to patients in order to make sure they are immunised to the best they can be against potentially life-threatening diseases. The NHS website offers more insight into what each vaccination can do for you so do follow the link for more information.


Children are vaccinated from 8 week onwards to ensure they do not catch potentially deadly diseases. At the surgery, we have an immunisation co-ordinator who arranges all the vaccinations at the surgery. When your child is due their immunisations, you should receive a letter with an appointment booked for your child/children.

At Southway Surgery, we have the postnatal checks for mum and baby at 8 weeks rather than 6 weeks. This is so the child can have their first lot of vaccinations at the same time. You will receive a letter soon after the birth with your date and time, but they are usually on a Thursday afternoon.

However, if you notice that your child is due and you have NOT received a letter yet, please contact the surgery. It is very important that you ensure your child is vaccinated. Children are more susceptible to catching viruses due to their weak immune system and being in close proximity to other children. So please ensure you stay up-to-date with their immunisations. Below is a table to what immunisations are given during childhood. This table is correct for July 1st 2016. The Meningitis C vaccination that is usually given at 3 months is being stopped after the 1st July 2016. This is because children will now receive the booster during school with the Men ACWY and at a year old.

Children can be particularly hard to give vaccinations to, especially at a year old and pre school age. If your child is particularly difficult to keep still, the nurse may ask another member of staff to come in and help hold the child.

When giving your child the Meningitis B vaccination at 8 and 16 weeks, you will need to administer paediatric paracetamol (Calpol) prior and after their immunisation. You should receive a leaflet with your immunisation letter, but if not, follow this link to the website for all the information.



It is important to ensure you have the appropriate vaccinations before travelling aboard. We recommend that you visit either or to see which vaccinations you will need before travelling abroad.

It may take up to 8 weeks for a full course of vaccinations for particular areas so please obtain you vaccination schedule well in advance. Please make a telephone appointment with our practice nurse who can advise you on what vaccinations you will need and then advise you on how many appointments you need to make.

For general Travel advice, please see the leaflet below or pick one up from the surgery which gives you tips on how to have a safe trip.

Travel Health Booklet


The surgery also offers other vaccinations such as the Shingles vaccination and Hepatitis B, which is usually asked by employers to have. To see if you are eligible for the shingles vaccination, please follow this link which will take you to the website which will enable you to see if you can have it. If you can, please book in with the Nurse to have this done. Please be aware that if you take particular steroid tablets, you may not be able to have the vaccinations as they make the vaccination void.

Should you require vaccinations from your employer (such as the Hepatitis B), you may be required to pay as it is not offered on the NHS. Please phone the surgery to enquire.