Contraceptive Services

At the surgery, we off a wide range of different contraceptive services for our patients.

For information on what types are available and what will work for you please visit the NHS website or speak to one of the Doctors/Nurses at the surgery.

You can also visit The Zone for all information on contraception and sexual health. They also give contraception there should you not be able to make it to the surgery.


At our surgery, Dr Evans fits all coils with the help of one of the nurses. Should you wish for your coil to be checked or removed, you can do this with one of the practice nurses. The benefits of a coil is that they last 5 years and do not interfere with your day-to-day life.


We can no longer fit, or remove implants in the surgery. Feel free to discuss this method of contraception with your doctor, and they can give you details as to how it might affect you, and where you can go to get implants fitted, or removed. Implants last for 3 years and do not interfere with your day-to-day life.


The contraceptive pill is a great method of contraception for those who are looking for short-term contraception. There are many different types of contraceptive pill and the Doctor or Nurse at the surgery will consult with you to ensure that you are taking the correct one for your needs. Once you start the contraceptive pill, you will have to come in for a check up after 3 months to ensure it is working for you. After that, you need to have a yearly check up with the nurses.


Depo-Provera is a hormonal injection put in your bottom which covers you from 10-12 weeks. The is a great alternative to the contraceptive pill should you be forgetful to take them. These injections are done with the nurses at the surgery and you can always book your next one when you arrive for your current one (providing the surgery has added the clinics).


Should you want a permanent method of contraception, we offer this at the surgery. You will need to come see one of the Doctors who can discuss the pro’s and con’s with you and then refer you onto the appropriate department in the hospital to have the procedure done. There is both male (Vasectomy) and female sterilisation.