Cervical Smears


Cervical smears are used to detect cancer cells within the cervix. A smear is a quick and mostly painless (although many women do find it uncomfortable) procedure performed by the nurses here at the surgery. They will take a swab of the cervix and send it off for testing to make sure there isn’t any cancer cells showing.

Smears are start to taken when a women turns 24 years old and are taken every 3 years. After the age of 49 they are then taken every 5 years. When you are due to have a smear test, you will receive a letter in the post from Wiltshire to book in.

The smear takes about 20 minutes to do and then sent off to the labs for test. You will then receive a letter with your results (whether they are positive or negative).

More information on Cervical Smears can be found on the NHS website.